Super Easy Mothers Day Crafts For Kids

Theres nothing cuter than handmade mothers day cards and gifts for the kids. My two love anything craft related. In case you are not the craftiest person around, I’ve made a list of my favourite super easy mothers day crafts for kids.

A Heart Shaped Flower Bouquet

Super easy to make and a fantastic gift to go alongside a handmade card. Everyone has an empty toilet roll or two kicking around, right?

For a full tutorial click here

Wood Wrapped Flower Pots

The cutest little handmade flower pot. It’s not just a craft, it can be a full activity going to the park to collect the sticks. This is such a unique idea and again, shouldn’t make too much mess. Perfect for anybody who regularly goes to the park or woods.

For the full tutorial click here

Love Heart Card

A super easy card for those who don’t like too much mess. A quick and easy one for craft dodgers.

For the full tutorial click here

Bath Bombs

What Mum doesn’t love a good bath? These homemade bath bombs are the cutuest and a super easy mothers day craft for kids. Given alongside the promise of a long soak, I think they will earn you mega brownie points.

For the full tutorial click here

Easy Mothers Day Card

An easy card made using old plastic bottles as prints and paint. Very cute and a perfect for toddlers and older kids too.

For the full tutorial click here

Flamingo Bag

If you are feeling a little adventurous then why not try a flamingo printed bag, perfect for any fashion loving mama.

For the full tutorial click here


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