The Best Toys To Buy An 18 Month Old

As it’s coming up to Christmas and my boy is now 18 month old, I thought I would do another gift guide together.  My children both play with all toys and we don’t worry too much about gender specifics. If you haven’t got a selection of cars and a doll by now for either a boy or girl, they are a must buy.

By 18 months many toddlers have started participating in lots of imanitive play, making this a good time to introduce kitchen sets, dolls and cars. These kinds of toys will also be of interest over the next few years, so choose wisely and they will be last for some years. At this age, they’re now a toddler and are their little personalities are really starting to shine so you’ll soon see what toys they like best.

Laugh and Learn sweet mannors tea set.

best toys for an 18 month old

This tea set is the perfect toy for helping their imagination develop. They love nothing more than copying mammy and daddy as this age. It comes with two tea cups so you can enjoy a cuppa with your toddler or they can play along with friends. The cookies are different shapes to help learn and understand shapes. The tea set also plays various songs and has flashing lights, making it irresistible to a toddler!

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Train sets are a great way for your toddler to encourage their dexterity. Fine Moto skills will also be engaged by joining the tracks together and linking the cars. By physically moving the cars around, gross motor skills will also be used. Over time train tracks from other set can be added and you can pick up more trains, mosts sets are interlinking.

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Fisher Price little people Helpful Neighbours Garage

This car garage is the perfect toy for boys or girls. The spiral ramp is loved by both my children for cars and little figures. My 3 year old uses car ramps for all kinds of imaginary play, including pretending the ramp is a slide for little people!

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Little Tikes Car

Both my children from 18 months onwards have been obsessed with our little tikes car. It takes a little while for younger ones to lean how to make it move. At first they just love opening and closing the door, getting in and out and just sitting inside playing with the steering wheel and prentding to drive. They soon get the hang of how to get around in it. Next summer I plan to get the little matching petrol station pump for them, so cute!

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Fisher price little people

Both my two love little figures and will literally play for hours with things like this. It’s brilliant for developing their imagination. These toys are an investment as they’ll continue to play with them over the next few years. This set is a perfect first little dolls house toget them started.

There are so many sets to choose form and collect over birthdays and Christmas, from Disney princess to farm yards. You can add to your collection over time with different people, cars, buses, planes and houses. These kind of toys gets played with daily in our house.

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Mega Blocks

Ideal for improving hand eye coordination, made the exact size for little hands to manage perfectly. I don’t know a child this age that doesnt love building towers and knocking them back down. These are also an ideal tool for learning colours

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Personalised Santa Sacks & Stocking

These sacks by Harlow & Green are such beautiful qauilty and make the perfect personalised gift for a child (or adult) of any age. Something that they will treasure forever and use year after year. I just can’t wait to fill Edwyns up with his gifts on Christmas Eve.

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Some of these toys may be aimed at children older than 18 months, but different children advance at different rates. Please check the reccomanded age before you buy. Its important to supervise and be aware that small parts that may cause a choking hazard.

This post contains some products that have been gifted to me.


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