Unique baby names beginning with the letter B

I’m a big fan of names beginning with this letter, I just think the nickanme ‘Bea’ is the absolute cutest, for both a boy or a girl. Here is a list of my favorite baby name beginnings with the letter B, that are both cute and unique 


Bell is ranked 413th in England & Wales.

If you are a Disney fan, this is probably already on your list. Famously meaning ‘beauty’ as referenced in Beauty and the Best. A pretty French name for a little girl, so perfect with anybody with French heritage.


Baxter is ranked 1235th  in England & Wales.

This was originally a womans name, derived from the old English word ‘baecestre’ meaning ‘baker’. The form Bakster was originally feminine, with Baker as the masculine equivalent, but over time became a male name. It sounds very masculine to me and would make the perfect name for a little boy.

Possible nick names: Bax


Betty is ranked 408th in England & Wales.

The sweetest vintage name for a little girl, originally the nicknames for Elizabeth and Bethany but now a name in its own right. I love the vintage names, they just sound so cute.


Benson is ranked 1875th in England & Wales.

This name has a Christian background and its main origin is American. A unique alternative to the traditional Benjamin, if you are wanting something with that sound but a little more unusual then this is the name for you.

Possible nick-names: Ben, Benny, Benji


Bonnie is ranked 81st in England & Wales.

A name of Scottish heritage meaning ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ , what a wonderful sweet meaning for a gorgeous little girl. Perfect for anybody from Scotland or with a Scottish ancestry.

Possible nick name: Bon-Bon (how cute is that)


Bria is ranked 2340h in England & Wales.

This baby girls name is of irish, gaelic and celtic origin and it means ‘noble’. It is a variant of the name Brianna, which is also a super sweet baby girl name.


Bryn is ranked 821th in England & Wales.

This is a welsh baby boys name meaning ‘Hill’, making it impossible to overlook for anybody who loves nature names. Ideal for those with a welsh heritage, this one was on our lists as my husband is Welsh and both of our children have Welsh names.

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