The Best toys to buy a 3 year old girl

I love a gift guide, so thought I would pop together another to show the toys my 3 year old has either currently loves or is requesting for Christmas this year. At this age, she is into pretty much everything and very easy to buy for. She loves dolls, mimicking everything mummy does and ‘surprises’, so buying her presents is a breeze.


A hilarious family board game that everyone can join in. It feels like an old classic board game that’s been given a new lease of life. You balance the objects on a line until it goes twang, helping to develop fine motoskills in young children. Its the perfect first board game for a pre-schooler, equally good for older children too.

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Baby Annabell

We’ve always been a fan of Annabell, the my first Annabell features in my guift guide for 1 year olds. For the qaility she is worth every penny. This one comes with an outfit, dummy, bib, toys and bottle.

We have since bought her other accessories, clothing and prams so this one is good for future presents. ​This toys provides lots of opportunity for imaginative play and can be used as a tool to prepare for the arrival of any new siblings.

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Frozen anything really, but I plan to buy her a frozen doll this year as she is absolutely doll mad at the moment. I’ve also picked up a Frozen blanket and an Anna fancy dress costume. She is obsessed with Frozen and with the new film I think this will continue.

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Peppa Pig

Again, for a 3 year old pepper pig toys are the best. We have a range of peppa pig toys, we often get them all out and make a little village and ‘potato city’ too. She got the Ferris wheel for her birthday, it lights up and moves round independently so that’s been a big hit with both children. Good for a 3 year olds imagination and buying future gifts as theres a wide range of toys to collect, a lot of them actually link together.

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Baby shark puppet

If your 3 year old isn’t obsessed with baby shark then I don’t know where they have been hiding. My girl begs for it on and they both know all the moves and love dancing away. This puppet sings the baby shark song, if you move your hand fast he sings fast or if you move slow he sings in slow motion. Really good fun and its means I might get a break from watching it on YouTube!

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Blume Dolls

My girl loves anything that’s a ‘surprise’ and anything she can collect. So this doll is right up her street. She loves watching them grow out of the pot with amazement.

You add water to the flower pot and a doll magically grows out, complete with interchangeable accessories and stickers (another thing she loves). The pot they come in becomes their little house and they even come with their own miniature pet!

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Sylvanian Familes Red Roof Cottage

She is desperate for some sylvanian familes, I still think shes a little too young to care for all the small piceces so we are starttng her off with this small house this year, which we can build on and add to her collection in the future.

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Pixie Belle

This is a cute intereative ‘pet’ that my daughter loves, it dances, shows you its mood and gives kisses. It can clip to your clothes and the tail can be worn as a bracelet. She currently sleeps with her on the bedside table, she is so in love, its very cute.

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Dolls house

If your 3 year old hasnt got a dolls house by now, now is definitely the time to buy one. Its one of the most used toys in our house. This one from George at Asda is resonnabily priced, the furniture is sold seperate but again, very reasonable and you could collect a set per week when you do your food shopping.

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Brio wooden safari adventure set

Both my children love trains and cars and I know this set is going to be loved by both of them. I chose the safari adventure over any other train set as they are both obsessed with animals and I feel like this set is very unisex, making it future proof as I can pass it on to my little boy.

Train sets are a great way to encourage their dexterity. Fine Moto skills will also be engaged by joining the tracks together and linking the trains. By physically moving the trains around, gross motor skills will also be used. So this is a great toy for improving lots of their skills.

I am obsessed with wooden toys and buy them whenever I can, they are more eco-friendly and I know that this will last for many years to come. .

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Goes to sleep bedtime book

We read a book before bed everynight, this one is personalised for your child and is proven to help them get a better nights sleep based on leading research from a childrens sleep charity. I’m really into developing healthy sleep routines, and I’m really impressed with this book. It also contains links to helpful websites and information for parents.

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Play dough

This is the perfect toy for a 3 year old, this set is perfect for developing her imagination. You use the kit to design, make and cook pizzas, its the cutest. It even makes sprinkly cheese, which she loves. Its the perfect gift for a child who loves play dough and who loves to cook!

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This post contains some products that have been gifted to me.

Some of these toys may be aimed at children older than three, but different children advance at different rates. Please check the reccomanded age before you buy. Its important to supervise and be aware that small parts that may cause a choking hazard.


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