December Baby Names

Is your baby due in December? Maybe you would like a name to reflect and celebrate the time of the year they will be born? December names include both names related to religion and seasonal names. A happy time of year, associated with Christmas, winter time, crisp evenings, sparkling lights, presents and joy. December also signifies the end of one year and the start of another. If I was having a baby at this time of year, I would really embrace it and go for a name that really displayed how excited I was to have a December baby, born at a truly magical time of the year.


Holly is ranked 56th in England & Wales.

A pretty botanical girls name, with a subtle nod to Christmas. Remains a popular and high-ranking name which has been in the top 100 for over ten years now. It’s not difficult to understand why, bringing images of green leaves and beautiful red berries to mind, along with a pretty feminine sound. This name really is perfect for a December baby.

Alternative spellings: Hollie


Winter is ranked 453rdth in England & Wales for girls.

Winter is ranked 2734th in England & Wales for boys.

A Lovely unisex baby name which is ranked slightly more popular for girls. This name makes me think of crisp mornings, snow and cosy evenings. This really does sound very hip to me and would work for babies born in the early months of the year to.

Possible nickname for a little girl could be ‘Winnie’ which sounds very cute.

Alternative spelling: Wynter


Noel is ranked 380th in England & Wales for boys (Pronounced like Joel).

Noelle is ranked 1063rd in England & Wales for girls (Pronounced No- Elle).

A French name which actually means ‘Chisttmas’ which I personally think would work best for babies born close to Christmas day. This name is lovely for either a boy or a girl, I honestly think the girls Noelle looks so feminine and pretty written down and I can just imagine a little Noelle running around on her first birthday in December full of sass and attitude.


Eira is ranked 464th in England & Wales.

Welsh word for ‘snow’. Pronounced either Ay-rah or Eye-rah (depending on accent and area of wales).

Perfect for a December baby, or a baby born a snowy day. Especially a baby with welsh heritage. Pronounces either Ay-rah or Eye-rah (depending on accent and area of wales) and sounds equally as cool which ever way you say it!


Robin is Ranked 209th in England & Wales for Boys

Robin is Ranked 576th in England & Wales for Girls

The red chested cute bird that when photographed in the snow on the front of a Christmas card, actually screams the word December. This is another unisex baby names and really does work well for either sex.

Alternative spellings: Robyn


December currently does not rank in England & Wales

A very unique unisex name, that is sure to get attention. Ferne McCann has named her baby girl ‘Sunday’ and April, May and June are very popular, so why not December?


Lumi is Ranked 3583rd in England & Wales.

A unique name in the UK, but very popular in Finland where it is the Finnish word for ‘Snow’.  A subtle way to use a December themed baby name and even better if you are Finnish or have roots in Finland. This sounds like a prettier and more quirky name if you like names such as Luna or even Lola.  


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