Unique baby names beginning with the letter A

Choosing your baby’s name is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new parent. We personally found it hard to find names that had meaning, nick names we loved and we felt would grow with them into adult hood. Here is a list of my favorite baby name beginnings with the letter A, that are both unique and wonderful.


Alma is ranked 413th in England & Wales.

The Alma is of latin origin and is used across many European lanuages, having a different meaning in each including ‘spirt’ and ‘nourishing’ along side ‘apple’ in several languages.

Perfect for a spirited kind little girl. The name Alma was most used in the year 1901 when I ranked 52 of the most popular names at the time.

Get engaged under and apple tree? or looking for an alterative to the name ‘Apple’ that’s maybe not as quirky then this one might be for you.


Alba is ranked 128th in England & Wales.

This name is rising fast through the ranks in the UK so could become quite popular. It means ‘white pearl’ with routes in Latin and German. The word also means ‘Dawn’ in Italian and Spanish. A perfect nod to a family member named ‘Dawn’.

Alba is apparently also the Gaelic name for Scotland. Ideal for someone with Scottish heritage.


Autsin is ranked 97h in England & Wales.

Austin is a boys name of frence and latin origin meaning ‘great’ or ‘magnificent’. Such a cute name for a little boy and personally it makes me think of an Austin Mini. The mini is my favourite car, therefore it was on our baby list for both pregnancies.


Amber (girl)  is ranked 61th in England & Wales.

Amber is a beautiful name for a baby girl with two meanings. Amber is a Persian name for girls that means ‘ambergris’. In English the word refers to a stone used in jewellery making which is made from tree resin. This one is nearly in the top 50 but I didn’t want to leave it off the list because it’s so warm and cute.

Perfect for nature and tree lover.

Possible nick-names Ambs, Ammie.


Arlen is ranked 1298th in England & Wales.

A very unique name for a little boy, with a similar sound to the now popular Arlo. Irish Gaelic and Germanic origin meaning is ‘a pledge’.


Anwen is ranked 870th in England & Wales.

This is a welsh baby gils name meaning ‘very fair’ and ‘beautiful’ making it impossible to overlook for a fair haired pretty little girl. Ideal for those with a welsh heritage, this one was on our lists as my husband is Welsh and both of our children have Welsh names.


Atlas is ranked 600th in England & Wales.

Atlas is a little boys name with two meanings, one of Green origin meaning ‘to carry’. The second referring to Atlas who was a mythical Titan baring the weight of the world on his shoulders, therefore the name also means ‘great strength’.

Perfect for parents who love to travel. My husband and I met in Thailand, got engaged in India and then married in NYC so would have suited our little boy given our story.