Floral Baby Names

There is something so pretty about a little girl who is named after a flower. This category of names offers the perfect mixture of traditional and unique, with even the most unique name sounding very familiar and not to ‘out there’. It’s easy to see why they are often so popular with flowers often seen as a symbol of love, beauty, peace and friendship.

It could be your favourite flower, a flower your husband bought you when you first met or linked to a special memory. One of our first dates was a picnic at a local national trust property and we were surrounded by bluebells, it was absolutely beautiful and now every time I see or think about Bluebells, I think back to that day.

Perhaps you have a favourite flower which links back to a special time or place? My husband sent a massive bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my house after our first date, filled with beautiful Peonies and Lilies. He still buys a bouquet of flowers every Valentine’s day and my Birthday and often picks up a cheeky bunch when he goes shopping. He usually buys a bunch with Lilies in, as he knows there one of my favourites. I had the name Peony on my short list and one of our favourite middle names during our second pregnancy was the welsh version of Lilly which is ‘Lili’, but baby two was a baby boy!

Or maybe you have a link to the flower’s native country of origin? I had the name Dahlia on my baby name list as we honeymooned in Mexico and it is actually the national flower for Mexico.


Lily is ranked 10th in England & Wales.

Probably the first flower name that comes to most people’s mind, a very pretty flower and name. Derived from the English word for the flower which is documented meaning ‘pure’, ‘passion’ and ‘rebirth’, very fitting for a newborn with a lovely girly sound.

Traditionally associated with death and funerals, seen as a symbol that the soul has departed from the body and given to restore innocence and purity, the flower is a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty.

Other forms include Lilith, Lilia, Liliana and the welsh versions Lili and Lilliwen


Peony is ranked 2925th in England & Wales.

The name Peony is of latin origin and means ‘healing’. Such a pretty, striking flower and currently gaining popularity on Instagram. I think this would make such a sweet name for a little girl. The flowers are native to Asia, Europe and Weston North America. Popular in China and Japanese culture and known as ‘flower of riches and honour’.


Dalhia is ranked 968th in England & Wales.

Dalhia is native to Mexico and is the national flower of the country. The meaning of the name Dalhlia is ‘valley’ and has sweedish and Scandinavian roots. It’s unusual and quirky, yet delicate and pretty sounding. Just talking about it makes me want another little girl.


Bluebell is ranked 836th in England & Wales.

Bluebells is a girl’s name of English origin. Bluebells flower from mid-april to late May proving scenes of deep blue and vast carpet like coverings of beautiful and striking flowers. Perfect for a baby born in spring time.

Such a cute name and could be sorted to ‘Blue’, ‘Bell’ or even ‘Bella’. Bluebell is also the name of Spice Girl Geri Haliwells daughter.


Daffodil currently does not rank in England & Wales

These flowers are one of the signs that spring has sprung and the British summer is finally on its way, again perfect for a spring baby. The Daffodil is the national flower of Wales, so perfect for a baby with welsh heritage.

I think this such a sweet name and cannot believe it does not rank. My little girls nickname is ‘Dill’ or ‘Dilly’ and I always think it sounds so cute, but I am very bias.


Ivy is ranked 25th in England & Wales.

Not quite a flower, but I felt it fit this category nonetheless. A vintage chic sounding botanical name taken directly from the plant, which is a symbol of ‘faithfulness’. It’s easy to see how this name is amidst a well-deserved revival and ranks 25th in the top 100 baby names. Not quite as unique as the others but equally as pretty.


Primrose ranked 220th in England & Wales.

Another name taken from the flower, in Latin meaning ‘first rose’. Made popular by ‘The Hunger Games’ and growing in popularity. A pretty name, with very cool nicknames including ‘Prim’ or ‘Rose’. I’m a fan of names with lots of variants, maybe she’ll be quirky and suit the name Prim or Primmy or maybe she’ll be prettier and more feminine and suit being called Rose.


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  1. August 6, 2019 / 10:32 am

    These are such adorable sweet names for little girls!
    I love the name Lily, but I am also biased as that is my niece’s name x

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